The Great War is a parenthesis in time. All marks fade gradually. During four years, millions of men have fought, died, without knowing really why, where, when and against whom.
During four years, millions of other people have heard the sounds, noises, which surrounded their lives every day, women's voices, the cries of children, the peaceful silence or the noise of cities. They lived four years in the rhythms of bombs and machine guns.
A partition strictly regulated, metronomes in every sense, the snatches of life, memories of images and sounds are systematically processed, distorted, shredded by the regular firing of guns, the whistling of shells, explosions and gunfire jerky guns.
A partition that will last four years. That is the longer than man has created. Indeed he has never really recovered. The conductors were crazy, and metronomes too many, nobody knew what to play.
Listening to sounds can be a pleasure, and there was a nightmare. The sound was rich and dense, but orchestration bad. The silences were distressing and percussion too many.
There should be a lot of tests to achieve so score. Let us not be worried, man still works to regularly.

Jean-Luc Therminaria